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Haslab Marvel Legends Galactus official images

Hasbro has officially dropped details about the Haslab Marvel Legends Galactus figure they also announced today.

Man this is a beast. They are already hoping it gets its target of 14000 backers, also hoping to get it in record time. They also reminded people that the Haslab Marvel Legends Sentinel got fully backed at 26 hours.

The Haslab Marvel Legends Sentinel also stands a whooping 32 inches and they actually put in a Marvel Legends Reed Richards figure.

It also features three different face plates…

I’m also a sucker for that skeletal face-plate accessory. There’s a comic book story where we saw Galactus’ skull like Marvel Zombies or Mark Millar’s Fantastic Four run.

The articulation on this bad boy is also soooo tempting…

Lastly, there’s the LED effects for the eyes and the chest.

If I had the money I would probably get this, two even, but alas I don’t have the budget. Also there’s a limited time frame for crowd funding this huge action figure.

What are your thoughts about the Galactus figure made from Haslab and Hasbro? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more geek news and updates.

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  1. July 20, 2021

    […] we could be looking at around $500 for the entire set. Now I wonder who would stand taller, the Marvel Legends Galactus from Haslab or this Rancor figure for the Star Wars […]

  2. July 21, 2021

    […] details as well as how much this would cost. If you ask me, I’d rather get this over the Marvel Legends Galactus from Haslab revealed a few days […]

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