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New Mutants #19 Spoilers – Murder in the Gala

The Hellfire Gala story arc continues in New Mutants # 19 and in this issue written by Vita Ayala and art by Alex Lins, there’s a murder that has happened in the gala and its somebody precious and dear to X-23 fans.

This story happens around the same time X-Men # 21 happens and the new roster of X-Men has been formally introduced. And during this period a number of fun and sad things happen:

  • Rahne and Dani Moonstar connect once again, Rahne still feels bad her son is not getting resurrected
  • Xian aka Karma gets embarrassed by this artist guest and then gets even using her mind control abilities
  • Warlock opens up about missing Cypher (because he got hitched at the end of X of Swords)
  • Cypher and Warlock reconnect
  • A little reunion with Dani, Magik, Wolfsbane, Warpath in the bathroom

And then there’s the continuing subplot about Shadowking and how he’s corruptiing the young mutants assigned to him and it looks like he’s going to be violent when it comes to one of them…

…namely Gabrielle Kinney, X-23/ Wolverine’s little sister.

After the announcement and big reveal about Mars which occurs in Planet-Size X-Men # 1, Laura Kinney looks for her sister and finds a letter for her.

Anole and a young group of mutants then discover the remains of Gabby somewhere in Krakoa.

I wonder if this was going to be the murder that kicks off the Trial of Magneto story arc.

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