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Alibaba Business School Launches Netpreneur Training Program in the Philippines for the First Time

Philippines – Alibaba Business School, the education arm of Alibaba Group, today will debut its first-ever Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program in the Philippines with support from QBO Innovation Hub, the country’s​ first public-private partnership platform for local startups, and regional venture capital firm Gobi Partners via their Gobi-Core Philippine Fund (“Core Capital”).

The Netpreneur Training Program is designed to equip entrepreneurs and business leaders with tangible and actionable steps they can take to advance in the digital economy, based on Alibaba’s own entrepreneurship journey. It is part of Alibaba’s wider initiative to promote inclusive development and empower entrepreneurs and businesses both large and small. Applications for this program are open from now until June 20.

“The acceleration of the digital economy as a result of the global pandemic is creating huge opportunities that may not be immediately recognizable. We are keen to demonstrate to SMEs and entrepreneurs how they can make full use of our digital ecosystem learnings and insights to spot and win these opportunities, and to transform their businesses for long-term success in the digital economy,” said Zhang Yu, Alibaba Group Partner and Vice President.

Zhang Yu, Alibaba Group Partner and Vice President

The program is designed as a combination of online and offline training modules. The online program will be conducted via a series of virtual seminars from July 21 to September 1, providing first-hand exposure to e-commerce and digital innovations, access to business leaders across Alibaba and China, as well as an opportunity to connect with like-minded, leading entrepreneurs in participants’ own region, through exercises, interactive lectures, and dynamic discussions.

Over the six-week period, the sessions will cover China’s digital economic transformation, Alibaba’s key learnings from its growth from a fledging startup into a full digital ecosystem, as well as practical advice to help businesses digitally transform their own operations and confidently embrace global business opportunities. Alibaba Business School will also host optional webinars during the program focusing on industry trends and insights.

“The Philippines’ digital economy has been experiencing massive growth. Especially with the onset of the pandemic, digital transformation has become even more critical to the country’s economic resilience, recovery, and advancement. Small businesses, and especially innovative startups, play a key role and need our support. We’re thrilled to partner with Alibaba Business School in launching the Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program. This initiative will empower local entrepreneurial talent and build a more dynamic startup scene,” said Katrina Rausa Chan, Executive Director of QBO Innovation Hub.

“Access and exposure to operational best practices is vital for Filipino entrepreneurs to be competitive in a digital future. More importantly, I believe the real value of this program lies in how it highlights the role of leadership and vision in growing companies and communities. Together with our partners, I’d like to invite all Filipino founders and business owners to take this opportunity and apply for this program now,” Ken Ngo, Managing Partner of Core Capital, emphasized.

Over the six-week online training, students will be equipped with tangible and actionable steps they can take to advance in the digital economy.

Participants who join the online part of the Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program will acquire:

  • An understanding of the development of the digital economy in China
  • Fundamentals of the role of new technology and digital economy in enabling national development
  • Key insights into the evolution of Alibaba’s ecosystem including learnings and best practices through sharing sessions from Alibaba’s senior leaders
  • Insights into the most cutting-edge trends and practices in use within the growing digital economy in China
  • A deeper understanding of business frameworks and strategic patterns, and ways to create an environment to strengthen participants’ capacity to drive innovation and achieve greater results.

Participants will be graded and quizzed on a weekly basis, culminating in a final capstone assignment at the end of the program. All participants who complete the course will be invited to join the Alibaba Global Initiatives community, where they will be able to receive access to additional content and activities post-program such as webinars and newsletters.

Based on the outcome of the online participation and the assignments/project completions, outstanding performers will also be eligible to participate in offline immersion programs at Alibaba’s headquarters in Hangzhou once travel restrictions are lifted.

For more information on the enrollment criteria and the full program details, please visit: https://activity.alibaba.com/page/alibaba-netpreneur-training-online-course-philippines.html

The Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program is Alibaba Business School’s latest initiative to drive success in the Philippines digital economy and build talent in digital commerce and business. Other efforts by Alibaba Business School and other units of Alibaba Group to help accelerate the country’s digital transformation include but are not limited to the eFounders Fellowship program organized by Alibaba Business School in conjunction with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), and a series of training programs by Alibaba Cloud to equip young, tech-savvy Filipinos with IT training and prepare them for the impending shift to digital.

About Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group’s mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. The company aims to build the future infrastructure of commerce. It envisions that its customers will meet, work and live at Alibaba, and that it will be a good company that lasts at least 102 years.

About Alibaba Business School

Alibaba Business School inspires and empowers entrepreneurs, youth and women globally by sharing the positive impact of the digital economy in promoting inclusive development. Its programs encourage entrepreneurs to share and use digital economy tools to create positive social impact and to collaborate with each other as well as the public sector to create larger impact. To date, there are over 800 digital entrepreneurs and business leaders from 39 countries trained directly by Alibaba Business School, who have subsequently shared with over 2 million policymakers, entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), practitioners and students in their own countries.

About QBO Innovation Hub

QBO (‘ku-bo’) is an innovation hub or platform for the startup community to collaborate, develop talent, and grow. It provides startups with support and resources through events and capacity building programs as well as focused interventions designed to improve access to markets, knowledge, capital, and talent. QBO is the country’s first public-private initiative for startups, created through a partnership between IdeaSpace, J.P. Morgan, Department of Science and Technology, and Department of Trade and Industry.

Spurred on by the vision of Filipino startups changing the world, QBO’s mission is to create a globally competitive startup ecosystem in the Philippines.

About Gobi Partners

Gobi Partners is one of the longest-standing venture capital firms with a Pan-Asian presence across North Asia, South Asia, and ASEAN with over US$1.1 billion in assets under management (AUM). The firm, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai, supports entrepreneurs from the early to growth stages and focuses on emerging and underserved markets.

Founded in 2002, Gobi has raised 13 funds to date, invested in over 270 startups, and has grown to 13 locations, across Bangkok, Beijing, Dubai, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur, Lahore, Manila, Riyadh, Shanghai, and Singapore.

For more information, please visit https://www.gobi.vc

About Core Capital

Founded in 2018, Core Capital is a venture capital firm in Manila, Philippines. Core Capital provides early stage financing for technology companies with a focus on the Philippines. The firm invests through its first fund the Gobi-Core Philippine Fund, co-managed with Gobi Partners.

For more information, please visit www.corevc.ph

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