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CW restarts everything for Powerpuff Girls series Powerpuff

Reports are coming in that the live action Powerpuff Girls called Powerpuff has been “repiloted” meaning it hit the reset button. So yeah, once again, the day is saved…

This would mean that they would be redoing everything including rewriting the whole pilot episode, shooting those scenes, editing and adding visual effects. After this gets a green light from the executives, that’s the only time it will actually be considered and made into a series.

But right now, as it stands, the Powerpuff is still just a pilot show that got a second chance with a possible full series getting ordered down the road.


Three disillusioned women in their 20s with superpowers who used to fight crime together and now resent having lost their childhood to that are faced with the choice of reuniting now that the world needs them more than ever.

Powerpuff will star:

  • Tom Kenny – Narrator
  • Chloe Bennet as Blossom Utonium
  • Yana Perrault as Buttercup Utonium
  • Dove Cameron as Bubbles Utonium
  • Donald Faison as Professor Utonium


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