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Team AkoSi Dogie wins over Team Andrea Brillantes in 515 E-party MLBB All Star Showmatch; Fans still in for a treat with multiple game promotions

Mainit ang naging laban” — this sums up the 515 E-Party MLBB All Star Showmatch last May 22, 2021. The star-studded event featured team AkoSi Dogie versus team Andrea Brillantes in a series of 5v5 matches.

The whole showdown started when Andrea Brillantes challenged AkoSi Dogie to a 5v5 match and each player had to form a team of their own. TV actress Andrea Brillantes, also known as Blythe, enlisted fellow Esports celebrity Eruption and as well as pro players, Rafflesia, Ribo, and Z4pnu while AkoSi Dogie enlisted RENEJAY,OhMyV33nus, Rafflesia, and MLBB livestream personality ChooxTV.

The full build-up to the match was chronicled in the Road to Star series viewable on official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Social Media channels, and as well as on the livestreams of the featured MLBB personalities, Andrea Brillantes, Ako Si Dogie, ChooxTV and Eruption.

In the fated matchup, team AkoSi Dogie managed to win in both 5v5 match series, 2-1 in the Bo3 Draft Mode, and 1-0 in Classic Mode.

The 515 E-Party MLBB All-Star event also featured the Pro players in 1v1 matches, Hate vs Ribo (1-0), OhMyV33nus vs Rafflesia (1-0), and Z4pnu vs RENEJAY (1-0). Each player showed off their great MLBB skills to the delight of the viewers using highly mechanical heroes; Chou, Paquito, Popol and Kupa, and Kagura.

We’re very happy with the turn-out of this year’s 515 E-party, the support of the fans is overwhelming” says Ms. Leon Zhang, regional marketing manager of MLBB for the Philippines. “Fans can definitely expect bigger activities and surprises from the world’s number 1 MOBA game next year, thanks to our loyal users.

A Special Event for all MLBB Fans 

The teams and the players are not the only winners of the 515 E-party All Star event as fans were in for a treat with multiple giveaways. During the duration of the showmatch different codes were flashed on the livestream with each code containing random MLBB in-game prizes.

The 515 E-Party Celebration: Events, Content, Giveaways and more!

The 515 E-Party MLBB All Star Showmatch is just one part of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang E-Party Celebration as this month is filled with in-game events and content from other well-known MLBB personalities and online celebrities.

Together with Andrea Brillantes, and AkoSi Dogie, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also collaborated with 8 local YouTube Content creators, Jomar Lovena, Jamill, Niel Padilla, Riva Quenery, Mika Salamanca, Boss Keng, Beks Battalion and Mimiyuuuh. Fans can check out their MLBB content which includes a short film, make-up transformations, recreating their favorite MLBB heroes, and more on their YouTube channels.

In-game, MLBB players also received various freebies and prizes in the 515 E-Party Login bonus event. Then by logging in each day during the event period, players were able to win prizes such as Skin Fragments, In-Game effects, and a free hero! Giveaways were also available on TikTok via TikTok Treats with free skin giveaways for lucky fans.

The in-game promotions do not stop there as the limited time sale of the S.T.U.N. Selena skin is still ongoing. MLBB players can still get the featured skin at a 30% discount up until June 5, 2021.

S.T.U.N., MLBB’s first virtual group

This year’s 515 E-Party Celebration also saw the debut of S.T.U.N., Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s first virtual music group featuring heroes’ Chou, Brody and Selena. Featuring their first song “TOGETHER” which is also the main theme of this year’s 515 event.  The music video for the song premiered last May 8, 2021 on official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang social media pages and now has over 17 million views on YouTube alone.

The community was also invited to be part of S.T.U.N.’s music video release with popular dance crews, Rock Well PH, FCPC Baliktanaw and Mastermind doing their own dance covers of the song. As part of this collaboration, fans also posted their own dance covers of TOGETHER on social media with the hashtag #515DanceChallenge for a chance to win a limited edition S.T.U.N. skateboard.

More events to come!

The celebration of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang does not just start and end with the 515 E-Party celebration as the number 1 MOBA game is looking to have more in-game events soon. Fans can expect more giveaways, collaborations, and promotions to reward MLBB’s loyal players and support its growing community.

 #TogetherWeAchieve more so be sure to look forward to the next big MLBB in-game event!

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