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Mexican Space Jam A New Legacy cosplayers look quirky

Not sure whether its a local cinema initiative or by the studio but there’s a Mexican Space Jam: A New Legacy cosplay group that went viral the other day for looking quirky to say the least.

The Mexican Space Jam: A New Legacy even went as far as getting most of the characters from the Tune Squad in their lineup minus LeBron James…


They even included Speedy Gonzalez in the mix.

Boy that Porky Pig cosplay is definitely the stuff of nightmares. Definitely up there together with a really good cosplay of the Batman villain Professor Pyg…

Check out the trailer for Space Jam A New Legacy, again, starring LeBron James who takes the role from Michael Jordan. I swear the guy is really trying hard to surpass the Chicago Bulls legend. Maybe he can, maybe he can’t. There’s still a lot of time for him.


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