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The Mandalorian Air Jordan and Baby Yoda Air Jordan concept sneakers

Check out these cool The Mandalorian Air Jordan and Baby Yoda Air Jordans which are really concept art.

The mandalorian air jordans

The Mando AJs feature the chrome and brown motiff used by our new favorite bounty hunter and former foundking Din Djarin plated by Pedro Pascal. It aldo has the new crest given to him by tge Armirer in season 1 and a nice “Thus us the way” logo. Wish Nije could do this but I dont think they will.

Next we have the conceot design done by @CK_Creative for the Baby Yoda Air Jordans…

Baby yoda air jordan

This one has a swaddle / Grogu’s robes designed on it to remind us of the adorable child whom Djarin saves and eventually rescues and bonds with over the course of two seadons. Too bad though thry weren’t able to integrate Grogu’s hover pod into these Air Jordan 1 pair.

So cool. Really wish Disney and Nike would come up with The Mandalorian Air Jordan set already jopefully befire season 3 begins streaming on Disney+. Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more geek news and updates

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