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King in Black # 5 Spoilers – Venom is Worthy

A little late entry but we’re doing this. Here’s a King in Black # 5 spoilers post in which I discuss how Venom is apparently worthy of mjolnir, of Silver Surfer’s surfboard, killing Knull and becoming the new god of the symbiotes.

Before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT for King in Black # 5 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman!

spoiler alert photo

Last issue, we find out who the God of Light is and its Captain Universe entity apparently. And this entity finally reaches Earth after all the chaos and possess the dead body of Eddie Brock aka Venom. King in Black # 5 starts with the fight between the Obsidian Surfer formerly the Silver Surfer and Knull and its the first time we see the Surfer turn his board into a sword.

The fight is then joined by the combined forces of the X-Men and the Avengers who got freed from the symbiotes by Dylan last issue. Thor is also back in the fight after being injured.

Venom steps into the fight and tells the rest of the heroes to clear the area and that he will be dealing with Knull because their fight is personal.

But before they go, Venom takes the Silver Surfer’s board and Mjolnir…

He also fuses them together to create a battle axe that he uses to even the odds. Although to be fair, he just trashes around Knull throughout the issue giving the cosmic bad boy no chance to really fight him. This was written really to make Venom look cool and to give him a moment to rip the symbiote out of Knull’s body.

And when that’s done, Venom heads off to space together with the de-powered Knull and he brings him to the sun where he melts him for good.

And how do we know that the threat is over? Because both Surfer’s board and Mjolnir returns to their rightful owners.

Venom returns to Earth immediately, saves his son Dylan Brock from the dark possession he got and is referred to as the new god of the symbiotes.

Venom is now the god of the symbiotes

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