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X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold Rumored to End in Summer 2018

Bleedingcool reports that the two main X-Men books in the Marvel Universe now, namely X-Men: Blue and X-Men: Gold, are set to end by summer of 2018.

The rumors that these two books are ending or will be undergoing some sort of metamorphosis was taken because of an Amazon listing that feels abrupt in collecting issues of “Gold” and “Blue”. Click HERE for the aforementioned Amazon listing.

Kitty’s X-Men and the Xavier Institute have some big changes on the way… Will they be able to keep their doors open? Meanwhile, Rachel Grey current codename “Prestige” might not fit anymore after her dark rebirth.


After the X-Men’s cross time capers and harrowing exploits in Mojo Worldwide, the team needs to regroup because what’s in store for them is bigger and more daunting than ever!


As the source of this post asked, what happens after issues 30 and 28 respectively?

According to BC, there will be huge announcements around April 2018 regarding the next evolution of the X-Men. For the meantime, you guys need to catch up on their stories. X-Men: Blue in particular is going through a chronal road trip first meeting the team of X-Men 2099 and then Generation X back in their original state in the 90s.

X-Men Blue # 18

There’s still X-Men: Red running around that time though, so its still good.

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