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Marvel Legends and Haslab teasing new Fantastic Four project after Sentinel figure

A new Fantastic Four themed figure was recently teased by Hasbro, Haslab and their Marvel Legends brand in April’s  Hasbro Pulse online event.

Check out what they posted with regards to the the upcoming collaboration between Haslabs and Marvel Legends below.

We currently know that this would tie up with their existing Marvel Legends Fantastic Four figures which was also shown in the teaser. But we don’t know what exactly what if could be. Some collectors speculate that it could be one of two things. First is the obvious and very much wanted Galactus figure which would be similar to what they did with the fan-favorite X-Men baddie, the Sentinel.

Which could look something like the traditional look for Galactus…

generations jean grey phoenix jean beats galactus

O5 Jean Grey TK blasts Galactus

Then there’s also another rumor that we could be seeing a Fantasticar coming down the road and with each tier that the funding reaches, the more accessories and even exclusive figures you could get.

If its not going to be $300 for the whole shebang I would totally get it. Plus this would also mean that you get a really cool piece of merch that not everybody will be getting. So that being said, I’m down for a Galactus!

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