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Sophie Turner blasts husband Joe Jonas for liking Taylor Swift’s Mr Perfectly Fine

Today Taylor Swift fans are having a blast with Joe Jonas is trending because his wife Sophie Turner blasted her husband publicly about the song Mr Perfectly Fine which got a rerelease recently.

Here’s what the queen of Winterfell posted on her Instagram account regarding the Taylor Swift song.

And because of her saying that the song is “not NOT a bop” then tagging her husband’s ex-girlfriend (hopefully in a humorous way), she opened the floodgate for everybody with a Twitter account to comment. This was rumored to be a song she wrote for her time with Jonas which apparently did not end well. Which should be a big surprise to the former member of the Jonas Brothers.

For a better context, here’s the tl;dr story. Swift doesn’t have the master copies of her songs from Fearless and they were sold over to her sworn enemy Scooter Braun. But that doesn’t mean squat because she owns the rights to her songs and music. Usually, whoever owns the masters has control of the money. But since Swift owns the songs and rights, she can skip Braun’s “control” and re-recorded her album “Fearless” with all her songs and then releasing some new materials too. So when somebody buys a license for an old Taylor Swift song, money would go back to Swift and the version that would be used was the new one and not the masters Braun has.

Fucking brilliant.

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