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Here’s why #BoycottGenshin is a trending topic on Twitter

Today the top trending topic on Twitter was the hashtag #boycottgenshin aka Genshin Impact. Apparently there’s a number of folks who aren’t happy with some stuff in the game produced and developed by Mihoyo.

Check out whats going on on Twitter with this hashtag below.

First the big issues about the game.

The people who want to boycott the popular game also left details on how to air their concerns with Mihoyo.

Now, there are some people who have already countered that the Flora that Ulfr liked…

Wasnt the young girl Flora NPC but rather Miss Flora.

So this immediately throws the pedophilia issue out.

The one with the Hillichurls and basing their movements from african tribes, is something that’s hard to contend with though.

Ah well.

What do you guys think about this #BoycottGenshin issue? For me though, I think this is another thing that was blown out of proportion.

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