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X-23 continues to look gorgeous even centuries after she entered the Vault (X-Men #19)

This week’s X-Men #19 continues the story of the three X-Men sent to investigate the Vault namely X-23, Darwin and Synch. But now their mission has taken a long time with Laura Kinney getting older than her father, Wolverine. Yet she still looks drop dead gorgeous.

So apparently they have been stuck in the Vault for centuries doing recon and observing the Children of the Vault, the same group they ran into during issue 1 and issue 18, the same issue where we find out that Synch’s mutant powers have developed and evolved to copy even non-mutants.

Meanwhile we are also treated to a look at a much older trio which honestly feels more like fanservice than story development but that’s just me.

X-Men # 19 is now out in stores and digitally through comixology

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