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Lex Luthor becomes Batman in 2022

The cover for Batman # 121 reveals that Lex Luthor becomes Batman in a storyline next year.

This would be part 4 of the Abyss storyline from the main Batman book written by Joshua Williamson who will be taking over from James Tynion IV’s run on the book. Check out the cover below.

Present in the cover is another interesting character that popped. Up in the Batman book and that’s no e other than Ghost-Maker.

According to Williamson, there will also be another interaction between Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor in January’s Batman # 119 where Bruce is being taunted by Lex Luthor after the latter finds out that Bruce Wayne lost his fortune during the events of Joker War.

Luthor is also appearing in the main Batman book because he wants to have the piece of the Batman Inc pie. He sees this as a lucrative venture and he wants the money it generates. This also makes him dress up as the Dark Knight. But rather than just wear a Batman costume and pretend to be one, he will be showing off a Batman suit that’s a mix of his battle suit together with Batman’s logo and imagery.

Totally excited to see how this pans out but we can already see that this will end poorly for Luthor just like the other times he failed like in Death Metal.

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