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Even Grab says #LugawisEssential this ECQ season

The term #LugawisEssential is trending tonight after a government official claimed that the famous rice porridge is non-essential and therefore something that could be punishable when people go out to get it due to the current ECQ. But even Grab states that #LugawisEssential with their social media posts tonight.

They even had another post for the GrabMart service.

The GrabMart post even listed the materials needed to make a delicious Lugaw meal including rice, salt, egg, ginger and garlic.

And look they even have another dig with their pop-up notification on the app.

So whoever it was that said that Lugaw is not essential, better think twice because we’re all sure its food and food is essential. So hell yes, #LugawisEssential

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