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Grant Morrison returns with Superman and the Authority

Grant Morrison returns to DC Comics with a new project together with artist Mikel Janin called Superman and the Authority although it could be a mistaken in the part of Amazon.

This two issue book has already been revealed by Penguin Books and Amazon which brings together a very different looking Man of Steel with the former superteam from Wildstorm called The Authority. For this incarnation we have a bunch of OG members together with new members from the DC Comics Universe. The team in the cover presented includes:

  • Manchester Black
  • Apollo
  • Mignighter
  • Enchantress
  • O.M.A.C. 
  • Natasha Irons

DC Comics hasn’t announced the book yet but we already know that the price would be $24.99 and scheduled for release by November 16, 2021. Until now though, DC has yet to confirm that this book would even see the light of day given that this was supposed to be part of the scrapped “5G” event.

Book looks cool though and it kind of connects back to both the comics and the animated film Superman vs The Elite….


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  1. Will Superman command a version of the group “The Authority” a team that does not hesitate to use lethal power against opponents and do things like destroying entire Universes and killing an incalculable number of innocent beings to accomplish its missions? Wow ! Since when Clark Kent became a “bad boy” to the point of deciding to lead a badass and hardcore team and remain the Greatest of Heroes and one of the most morally integral beings of all creation with high moral values and that never reached the extreme to take the lives of your opponents and descend to the same level as the abominable villains he fight ? He didn’t completely despised groups of “pseudo-heroes” like that since he faced “The Elite” ? This is not going to work ! And as I understand the team will gather Apollo, Midnighter, Manchester Black, a new version of O.M.A.C. , Steel, one female Eastern Super Speedster like Flash and Enchantress ? Where does Super have the head to trust someone like Manchester Black ? Even if he were his “more or less” morally integral counterpart to him from Earth-3, he would still be a scoundrel and a poisonous snake as much of a bastard like John Constantine who would just wait for Clark to let his guard down to bite him and kill him poisoned ! For me the original team of The Authority is still the best Superman could try to bring alternative versions of the original members from different Earths like a mentalist meta-human Jack Hawksmoor with a psychic power comparable to that of Manchester Black from one of the Universes of the New Multiverse DC, a The Doctor who would be the mortal host of the Supreme Lord of the Order simply the most powerful of all these entities and such a mage capable of calling Nabu the Wise “apprentice”, an Engineer who would be a Super Cyborg similar and possibly superior in technological sophistication and scientific genius to Victor Stone whose body would be composed of solidified quantum nano particles that would make your cybernetically reconstructed body would be a technological wonder of the last generation that would give her super powers limited only by her scientific knowledge, understanding, ingenuity, boldness and courage, a Jenny Sparx who would be an electrokinetic meta-human with super powers comparable and possibly superior to those of Black Lightning, a Jenny Quantum that would have powers to rival those of Doctor Manhattan, and an Swift Alien Eastern Thanagarian that would be the “winged fury” the “born warrior female eastern mess with me or with any of my friends and you is dead” of the group besides of course versions of other Universes of the New DC Multiverse from Apollo and Midnighter that led by Superman would form a new version of group The Authority that would travel through the New DC Multiverse resolving crises! Who knows, this Superman & The Authority may turn out to be a cool thing? If written by Grant Morrison I imagine it is at least a story with interesting ideas! Let’s see, shall we? Who knows in the end it might be a good thing?

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