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Godzilla vs Kong leaked online in India

Looks like even Godzilla vs Kong hasn’t been spared from piracy as various outlets have reported that there’s a Godzilla vs Kong leaked copy online posted just after the film was made available on HBO Max.

Apparently, the movie which was directed by Adam Wingard and starring Alexander Skaarsgard, Rebecca Hall, Millie Bobby Brown and Kyle Chandler has already hit the torrent scene with a lot of downloaders hailing from India. Now there are conflicting reports about this. One news I gathered here is that this was a copy that was set to appear on HBO Max in India but was hacked, copied and illegally distributed. 

The other version of the Godzilla vs Kong leaked online story was that it was already set on HBO’s streaming platform and pirates were able to leech off the entire film then leaked on bittorrent sites and channels. 

Either way, this spells bad news for the people who made the film namely Warner Bros Pictures and Legendary Entertainment. I think this could even set the whole current business model back to the dark ages but then again, people are a little wiser these days and they know that they need to pay premium to get good entertainment especially when everybody’s in lockdown still. Just look at what happened when Zack Snyder’s Justice League premiered on both HBO Max in the US and HBO Go in the Philippines and other parts of Asia.

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