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Charlotte Flair is COVID positive

Former WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair officially announced on her Twitter account that she is COVID positive since fans noticed her absence from WWE TV as well as the recently concluded Fast Lane PPV.

Here’s what she wrote on her Twitter account just a few hours ago…

I know everyone has been wondering where I have been. I tested positive for COVID and have been home resting

Thank you everyone for your love

Here’s the original post from Twitter…

Before her absence she was already setting up a Wrestlemania feud with current RAW Women’s champion Asuka before her disappearance. This was a surprising unfortunate news given that just yesterday, her fiance, Andrade aka Andrade “Cien” Almas was given his release from the WWE after formally requesting for it. Even better was the fact that his release didn’t have any “no compete” clause meaning he can wrestle for other companies anytime he wants.

What do you think of the news that Charlotte Flair is COVID postive? Get well soon Charlotte!

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