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WWE Releases Cody Rhodes and His Retort Over Release

Cody Rhodes has apparently been requesting the WWE to release him from his contract for unspecified reasons (more on that later) and he definitely got his request as WWE issued a statement earlier.


The way I see it, he’s no longer happy with where he stands at the moment. He’s not happy being “Stardust” and wants to get a push to the World Champion level. Something that his dad, American Dream Dusty Rhodes, never got when he was with the WWE.

Unfortunately for him, he did not get that push because his last name isn’t Cena or Reigns or Styles.

We all can understand where he’s coming from. After all, the guy can be charismatic if he wants to. He’s also well-versed when it comes to mic work and he’s got good game when it comes to ring skills. It’s really just the fact that he isn’t the apple-of-the-eye for both Vince McMahon and HHH.

The FB page “Official Botchamania” later shared screenshots of Cody’s written statement about his departure from the WWE which goes like this.

cody rhodes statement departure from WWE (1)

cody rhodes statement departure from WWE (2)

It felt like this was one of the few superstars that had his star made (no pun intended) but was put over for seriously less talented hacks, and I’m not even talking about AJ Styles.

Maybe it just isn’t his time to shine and play with the big boys (although he really can). Maybe a few years and some gigs outside of North America can bring wonders to his career. *cough cough* Bullet Club *cough cough*

So best of luck to you Cody Rhodes and we here at thefanboyseo.com expect to see you make an appearance in a future episode of either Arrow or The Flash.

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