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EC3 Wins the WWE 24/7 Title at WWE Live Manila 2019 (then loses it again)

One interesting bit that happened this evening in WWE Live Manila 2019 was EC3 actually wrestling for a house show. Not only did he wrestle, he also won the WWE 24/7 title from R-Truth.

R-Truth was the special announcer for the match between EC3 and Chad Gable who is also in a feud with Baron Corbin after losing in the King of the Ring tournament.

Gable picks up the win and in the midst of celebration, EC3 sneaks back into the ring and pins Truth…

EC3 then flees back stage with R-Truth in pursuit. The chase leads them back to the ring where Ron Killings makes a killing and wins back his 24/7 title.

Gable and R-Truth then greets the crowd.

This was an interesting match because hey, we still think EC3 is a wasted talent that WWE needs to push this former TNA champion.

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