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ABS-CBN releases official statement regarding It’s Showtime taping and episodes

ABS-CBN has officially released their statement regarding the matter of It’s Showtime and having reruns airing on the Kapamilya Channel and other broadcast mediums.

Here’s what they wrote as reposted by various Twitter users:

This puts to bed speculations that there was somebody from the production crew of the TV show that contracted COVID and it had to shut down tapings of the show. This statement also fixes the general consensus that the reruns were brought about by the show moving to a different studio.

So it seems like we’ll be getting reruns for now for other live shows produced and aired by ABS-CBN due to the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in the country. Plus they don’t want to run the risk of having their talents and staff getting COVID-19 as well so bravo for them for doing so.

And this was a timely decision too as yesterday, the government has already “locked us” down once more a year after the first lockdown aka Community Quarantine was dropped.

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