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Genshin Impact 1.5 Leaks new character Eula, a cryo claymore user

What should we expect for the upcoming update for Genshin Impact which would be Genshin Impact 1.5? Well it looks like we are getting two new characters namely Eula and Feiyan. Here’s the lowdown of what to expect from Eula.

It was reported that Genshin Impact 1.5 will feature a new region in the game, which would be the Chasm area. Plus there’s also the two new characters that have been leaked already namely Eula and Feiyan.

Genshin Impact 1.5 Leak – Genshin Impact Eula

Popular Genshin data miner @dimbreathjr has tweeted the picture and the description of the upcoming Genshin Impact character Eula. Here is its description:

The Spindrift Knight, a scion of old aristocracy, and the Captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company. The reason for which a descendant of the ancient nobles might join the Knights remains a great mystery in Mondstadt to this very day.

Here’s a quick rundown of additional stuff that would be added to the game for today’s update!

  • Added and made adjustments to Rosaria
  • Added Boss: Herald
  • Hangout Mode
  • New Namecard
  • New Archon Quest
  • Added Elegy 5* Bow
  • Changed Mondstadt Appearance
  • idle poses in co-op
  • Favorite Mails
  • Rechallenge button for Spiral Abyss
  • Windblume begins 3/19

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