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New Godzilla vs Kong Comparison Poster shows the size difference between Kong and Godzilla

A new Godzilla vs Kong comparison poster has surfaced for the Japanese market which gives viewers a good idea on the size difference between Godzilla and Kong in their upcoming match up in the big screen!

You can check out the size difference between the two in the Godzilla vs Kong comparison poster below.

godzilla vs kong comparison poster

So it looks like Godzilla has the height advantage over Kong and that’s totally OK. I’m just curious though how tall Godzilla was before he got the nuclear blast infusion from Dr. Serizawa in “King of the Monsters” plus the powers of Mothra during the climatic battle between him and King Ghidorah in the sequel.

Check out the official trailer for Godzilla vs Kong below.

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Godzilla vs Kong is directed by Adam Wingard and stars Alexander Skaarsgard, Rebecca Hall, Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler and Shun Oguri and is produced and distributed by Warner Bros Pictures in cooperation with Legendary Pictures!

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