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Marvel Future Fight teases Eternals

Marvel Future Fight just went ahead and dropped their first teaser for their next major update featuring the Eternals!

We really don’t get to see much other than Ikaris, parts of his face and his powerful eyebeams. Check out the teaser from Twitter below.

I’m guessing this was supposed to be in line with The Eternals movie that was supposed to come out Summer of 2021 but with the global pandemic still raging on, Marvel Studios has decided to push that release further down the year. Hell we don’t even have the Black Widow movie yet. But why are they pushing the game content when the movie won’t be coming out anytime soon? Well because these updates take a year or more of planning and plotting and I’m thinking when they laid down the schedule for this, they were either not aware that the pandemic was coming or that they were thinking the pushed back release date would be solid.

Either way, this update featuring the Eternals would be a great way to introduce Marvel fans to the Eternals and hopefully their counterparts, the Deviants.

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