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Was that Kumonga in the new Godzilla vs Kong posters?

There’s another set of Godzilla vs Kong posters that have surfaced which focuses more on the other elements ofnthis monster film inclu

Man that dorsal fin battle axe looks bad ass. Here’s to hoping we get an explanation on how they made it for Kong in Skull Island. Anyway check out the two new Godzilla vs Kong posters below. 

I was honestly hoping tonsee a glimpse of MechaGodzilla here in Godzilla’s poster but we only get massive destruction around him. 

Kong’s poster on the other hand has a lot of goodies all around him like the Warbat and Skull Island where he first appeared in in Kong: Skull Island

But you can also see what mamy fans are speculating to be another classic Godzilla villain, Kumonga in Kong’s poster and that would be Kumonga.

Kumonga first appeared in the film Son of Godzilla and was a giant mutated spider. He later appeared in Destroy All Monsters and teamed up with the Big G. His english name is Spiga but we all more know him as Kumonga (it also sounds cooler).

But personally I think this was just that huge spider in Skull Island that impaled one of the soldiers during the events of that film.

What do you think of these new posters and was that really Kumonga? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!

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