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It was Agatha all along memes are fun based on WandaVision episode 7

Today were collecting a bunch of It Was Agatha All Along memes which was based off the final scene from WandaVision episode 7 which aired last weekend.

SPOILERS from Wandavision episode 7…

It was revealed at the last segment of the episode that Kathryn Hahn’s character Agnes was actually Agatha Harkness and she has been the person behind the madness that has been happening to Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Westview and SWORD. 


Check out some of my favorites so far below.

For starters, we have one that mentions a really sore spot for a lot of geeks. Game of Thrones and its uber-ugly ending.

And here’s another one focusing on the equally atrocious X-Men Origins Wolverine.

And she’s also responsible for the rumor that the last few episodes would be an hour long…

She also changed the Taco Bell menu… the horror.

This one, I’m really thankful for because I like Pineapple on Pizza.

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