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Let kids Play, Print, and Learn with free worksheets from HP Printables

With quarantine restrictions still encouraging children to stay in the safety of their homes, parents continue to search for ways to keep them engaged. Most commonly, children would be playing and watching with their gadgets, leaving them with prolonged exposure to screen time. But while there are plenty of things to learn online, parents still exert much effort to conduct a more active and holistic development for their kids.

Indeed, one lesson everyone has realized from the pandemic is that school isn’t the only place to learn. Parents can lead their kids on a creative learning session at home, with the free worksheets and lesson plans from HP Printables.

With the variety of free content found on the HP Printables website, kids can be enrolled in a ‘School of Fun’ as they enjoy learning through coloring pages, answering math problems, playing educational games, and more! The free activity sheets can also be sorted by different categories — from art, sports, food, among others.

One of the best ways parents can teach their children is to do learning activities with them. This way, kids can be more inspired and confident as they have someone to guide them when their curiosity is brought into play. Fortunately, HP Printables not only has activity sheets for kids, but adults as well. These can span from mandala templates, red-letter day cards, to productivity calendars, and so on. The worksheets can be sorted by age so both kids and adults can find something that best fits their potentials.

To make the selection of free activities extensive for all its audience, HP Printables has collaborated with various organizations to create diversified themes. Kids can learn about the basics of colors with content from Crayola, at the same time know more about different animal species with the worksheets from WWF (World Wide Fund). Younger children, ages 2 to 4, can also gain knowledge of the alphabet creatively, with the fantastic printables from Homer Learning.

Parents can make the home learning of their children more fun with the high-quality prints that can be produced by HP Smart Tank All-in-One Printer series and HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 4175 All-in-One Printer. Its print-permanence and fade-resistance can surely make all images appear vivid and color-accurate, most especially when used with HP Original Inks.

With the introduction of these activities, HP aims to provide a free online learning resource to advocate for families who have transitioned to remote work and schooling. Keep the kids company in a creative learning experience! See art come to life through the HP Printables worksheets, printed on HP’s most reliable printers.

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