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Netizens respond to Dogie/ AkosiDogie’s negative treatment of ex-girlfriend online

Trending topic today is Dogie or AkosiDogie whom Twitter users are currently “cancelling” over his treatment of his ex-girlfriend Chix aka ChixxniDogie in a recent stream.

akosi dogie facebook cover

Credits: Akosi Dogie on Facebook

So this story has been developing for the past few days already and in a nutshell, the couple had a very public split and the popular streamer who even has a deal with realme as an endorser, said some rather negative things about her. Meanwhile ChixxniDogie despite crying, still showed respect for her former partner. What also got people riled up was the fact that the streamer was comparing his current girlfriend with his ex.

IIRC, the former couple even had a commercial before; I distinctly remember they were pushing that on YouTube ads before…

Here’s what Twitter users are talking about with regards to Dogie’s recent actions.


Uy ate ekis yan, bad yan. haha

This one!

Bilib na ako kay ate.


Now that is sad…

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