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Superman & Lois S1E1 Review

CW and Warner TV (here in Asia anyway) has released Superman & Lois and I got the chance to watch the pilot episode so here’s my Superman & Lois S1E1 Review for you folks. The series stars Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/ Superman and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane.

Before we proceed, here’s a SPOILER ALERT

spoiler alert photo

– The monologue works for the pilot. It gives new viewers a chance to learn more about Superman (don’t be surprised too because there are still a lot). It vividly relays Superman’s POV about the world, his history and more.

– Papa Kent is still dead, following the other movie Supermen. Only its more understandable than that stupid decision for Kevin Costner’s death in Man of Steel.

– that nod to Action Comics # 1 and that Max Fleischer cartoons was definitely a treat to long time Superman fans.

The cover to Action Comics # 1

Watch that opening below:

– you can definitely see that they had a budget this time for this series or at least for the pilot. With the devastation and the problems he had to face grander than ever before for TV versions anyway and it looked more realistic too. The series also uses a grander effects budget to really push how powerful Hoechlin’s Superman is. Like the problem with the imminent nuclear meltdown and how Clark dealt with it. Awesome.

– There’s also lots of Man of Steel borrows, odd but I like it.

– Hoechlin is also a nice touch here in this series. Kinda grown to TV Superman and he definitely had his moments here in the pilot. Still can be awkward to his kid which is a subtle and new territory for him. The duality of being Dad and Superman.

– Surprised that General Lane knows Clark’s secret ID. I guess in this reality, he’s not out to kill him. But he did kind of win as he’s able to get Supes to work for him.

– Jonathan Kent looks kinda old for the role. I dunno, still on the fence on the casting choice. I had a different idea for Jonathan Kent to be honest.

– Jordan Kent playing MK vs DC was meta.

– After Martha Kent’s funeral, we get to see the two teens meeting Lana Lang’s daughter and they get invited into That smallville throwback about duct tape to a tractor. Maybe it wasn’t a tractor, or it could have been a subtle jab at what happened to Smallville Clark

– I’m already calling this now. Jonathan would be the new Superman and Jordan would be the future Lex Luthor.

– I like the element of Jordan feeling alien. And Jonathan being this all around Mr. American in high school.

– A character death in the pilot reminds us of Clark’s humanity and his connection to mortals. And while he lost his original tether, he has a new responsibility as a father and that has more links to him to put the “man” in Superman. Then there’s also that bit with Clark wrestling with the idea of telling the truth to his teenagers; the pain and confusion.

– The teen drama is what will keep this show afloat for 9 seasons. Then we watch these two “kids” grow up. Here’s to hoping they don’t fumble this like how Smallville ended.

– Sam Lane referencing a phone book is also another nice easter egg.

– There’s this subplot about Martha Kent working on something before she died and is also the reason she wants Clark and his family to relocate to Smallville.

– Another mysterious villain is definitely paving the way for the whole “villain of the week” thing. Let’s see.

– Smarter kids here I see, inheriting their mother’s inquisitive nature. There are hints that this season could be something like a “Hardy Boys” detective story vibe to it. But they still don’t see that Clark Kent is Superman.

– The Kryptonian ship in this series definitely borrows elements from both Man of Steel and by some weird reach, the TV series Krypton.

– I already hate emo Jordan Kent. But he gets the job done of moving the story. Plus its also interesting to see how this is going to pan out especially when they gave the power to the kid who had mental health problems. We never did get a Superman who had mental health issues and how it could affect his role and his work.

– Elizabeth Tulloch plays off really well with Hoechlin. We saw it in Crisis and in Supergirl but its definitely playing to its strength in this new series. We only see glimpses of her being Lois Lane the Pulitzer winning journalist but we’ll definitely see more of this down the road.

– Great sweeping music when Clark reveals his true identity to Jonathan and Jordan.

– Superman fighting this unknown villain is definitely worth watching. Plus this whole family dynamic makes this TV Superman an interesting character. Getting stabbed and still being able to be a father to his kids is something relatable to the more grown up audience. Kinda came off as cheesy but hey, television.

– For this Superman and Lois episode 1 review, ,I could really say that this is a new argument on why Superman needs to a family for the modern readers and audience. Definitely interested still in where this is going in the next few episodes and in next season or maybe beyond.

– And holy shit that ending reveal.

Superman & Lois S1E1 Review – Verdict


Some of the things that made me go “ugh” were some things that needed to get viewers tuning in to the show. So that’s pardonable to be honest. But move past that and we have a VERY promising Superman TV show.

Special thanks to Warner TV for the screener copy.

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