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Emma Frost is a Badass (House of X # 3)

Emma Frost is once again showing her badass queenly status as she comes to the rescue of Sabretooth in the pages of House of X # 3.

She was given a bum role in Matt Rosenberg’s Uncanny X-Men run with her seeing several peers and friends die in front of her and became an unwilling tool in the fight against mutants.

So after she saves the world and removes the idea of mutants to the general populace, she had to see Cyclops reuniting with Jean Grey, which totally sucks considering she has stated that she still loves Scott Summers.

In House of X # 3, all that drama and pain gets reset and we’re seeing a strong badass Emma Frost. She was sent by Charles Xavier and Magneto to get Sabretooth out of prison.

Sabretooth was caught by the Fantastic Four back in issue 1 after stealing an important data that they could use for a future mission. In House of X # 3, we find out that the FF sent Sabretooth to a prison called “Project Achiles” where he was being put in a mock trial. Good thing for him, Frost comes in to save him.

She’s menacing and very taunting in her last appearance for House of X # 3 and she leaves both the humans and readers with a taunting one-liner about the current status.

“Better get used to it”

Great writing from Jonathan Hickman and artist Pepe Larraz.

House of X is still available in shops.

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