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WATCH: Godzilla vs Kong Official Trailer

Warner Bros Pictures has released the Godzilla vs Kong official trailer which is coming to theaters in March 2021 and stars Alexander Skaarsgard, Rebecca Hall, Kyle Chandler and Millie Bobby Brown.

The film is also directed by Adam Wingard.

Godzilla vs Kong official trailer

Right from the get-go of the Godzilla vs Kong official trailer we already see the scale they are operating on. With Kong having been captured and chained up atop an aircraft carrier. We see Alexander Skaarsgard and Rebecca Hall as new addition to the cast as they look on at the horror that these two unleash whenever they clash.

We also get a bit of backstory here with a mythic war between the titans. I’m not sure whether this was a species war between Kong’s ape family and Godzilla’s species or its something that they themselves have been doing for eons. Well not exactly them because Kong here is the last of his kind.

I also loved the whole hype music they used for the film the moment Godzilla popped out and attacked the aircraft carrier.

There’s also a scene featuring Kyle Chandler and Millie Bobby Brown who we first met in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Meanwhile on Kong’s end there’s all new characters. If you count Skull Island as a character then that should count. Nobody made it from Kong: Skull Island.

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