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Wonder Woman 1984 Easter Eggs

Here are some of the Wonder Woman 1984 easter eggs that has been seen in the Patty Jenkins film. Also while we’re on the subject of #WW84, check out my Wonder Woman 1984 review which is now out!

Obviously, this post would contain spoilers from the film, so…

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Asteria is a new element added into the Wonder Woman mythos. In the movie, she was the original wearer of the Golden Eagle armor which Diana eventually wore to her fight against Maxwell Lord and The Cheetah. During a conversation after Cairo, Diana also told Trevor that the armor was worn to hold back the forces of men as Hippolyta and the rest of the Amazons fled to Paradise Island aka Themiscyra. Nothing has been revealed after that until the credits where it was shown that Asteria lives and she’s played by none other than Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman.

Simon Stagg

Simon Stagg makes a brief appearance here in WW84. He’s the co-owner of Maxwell Lord’s Black Gold until Lord takes it from him. In the comics, Stagg was the man responsible for the creation of the DC hero Metamorpho. First appearing in 1965 in The Brave and the Bold vol. 1 issue #57, Stagg is introduced as the founder and CEO of Stagg Industries who works in research and invention, alongside his daughter Sapphire and a man named Rex Mason, who are in love with each other. When Stagg sends Mason to Egypt to secure an artifact, the young man becomes exposed to the rays of a meteor trapped in a pyramid. Through this, Mason becomes the Elemental Man, also known as Metamorpho, and can now change his body into any element at will.

Invisible Jet

The Invisible Jet was visibly absent in the first Wonder Woman film and the filmmakers have listened. They brought in the Invisible Jet for this outing but they did a quick twist for it. In this movie, Diana uses some godly powers to turn the jet they hijacked into THE Invisible Jet which they used to catch up with Lord in Cairo.


Ever wonder how they would tie up Black Adam with the rest of the DCEU? Well there’s Egypt and then there’s Bialya and Kahndaq, places that are traditionally identified with the Shazam villain. One of the first major movement that was done with Lord’s newfound powers was go to Bialya to start his campaign of world domination and greed. 

In the comics, the country has clashed with the Justice League International controlled by the mysterious Queen Been. She was later killed in the comics by former dictator’s brother Sumaan Harjavarti. Later in DC continuity, Black Adam went berserk in the country after the death of his wife Isis and his brother-in-law Osiris. 

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