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Wonder Woman becomes the concept of Truth (Dark Nights Death Metal # 6 Spoilers)

We got some heavy Dark Nights Death Metal # 6 which was released last week and we’re looking at that cool moment when Wonder Woman becomes the concept of truth in order to gain an advantage over The Darkest Night and Perpetua and the Dark Multiverse!

Again, let me just summon my SPOILER ALERT for this spoiler post for Dark Nights Death Metal # 6…

spoiler alert photo

In this issue, the Trinity have split up with Batman and Superman leading their broken forces for one final fight against The Darkest Night’s forces while Wonder Woman goes on a solo mission to find a way to turn their disadvantage over the more Doctor Manhattan/Batman hybrid who is also fighting the being known as Perpetua.

Diana finds herself in the Forge and is being goaded by another Darkseid hybrid who is overseeing and protecting the World Forge. When she was done and feeling lost when she realizes that she made a critical mistake by not doing Lex Luthor’s machine that will make people remember the past, she gets a big EUREKA moment!

She had a machine that forces the truth, see the truth with her all the time. She lowers the Lasso of Truth down the molten liquid in the forge with Darkseid just looking on.

We get back to the main battle with Superman getting ready for the last stand, but all of a sudden, Diana resurfaces covered in gold which seems to have come from the lasso of truth.

… andd yes, she’s still carrying that bad ass chainsaw powered by Wally West’s Manhattan energy…

Can’t wait to see the finale next month. Honestly with all the confusion that the New 52 caused and DC Rebirth is trying to fix, Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder is definitely doing a solid.

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