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Godzilla vs Kong posters unveiled at #CCXP 2020

The upcoming Godzilla vs Kong m9vie may have hit another snag but that didn’t stop Warner Bros Pictures from releasing a slew of new Godzilla vs Kong posters!

You can see the logo poster above with the tagline One Will Fall with a release date of May 2021.

Then there’s also Godzilla vs Kong posters released for CCXP 2020 which is a cacophony of colors and promotional shots of both Godzilla and King Kong.

Warner Bros recently revealed that they plan on releasing their 2021 movie slate (including GvK) in both theaters and on their streaming platform HBO Max. The kicker for the HBO Max release is that its going to have a 4k function making it as close to the cinema.experience as possible.

We’re waiting now for a full trailer for the film and hopefully get to see some neat surprises and non-surprises like Kong’s axe which was heavily rumored to equalize his fight against Big G.

What do you think of these posters?

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