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New Godzilla vs Kong First Footage released

While I’m a bit bummed about Godzilla vs Kong not being released this year, I’m quite happy that Warner Bros has released the Godzilla vs Kong first footage for the upcoming monster film.

This set features a look at both Kong and Godzilla with Godzilla once again swimming in the ocean, assumedly on his way to Skull Island.

And yeah the Big G is looking to cause mayhem and destruction on a global scale. But it kinda feels like he’s making things personal in this slugfest. 

Meanwhile it looks like Kong will also be getting the whole ‘fish out of water’ scenario when fighting Godzilla. The photo below indicates that this could be a boat that he’s in or even a shoreline.

There’s no sign of MechaGodzilla or that badass looking axe that’s rumored to be made by the people of Skull Island for just this kind of situation.

Check out the footage below:

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