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Kiefer Ravena Claps Back on Fan who mentioned him on a rant against Nike and the Air Jordan IV Retro ‘Manila’

Basketball star Kiefer Ravena clapped back over a comment posted online over his use of the upcoming and much hyped Air Jordan IV Manila which is limited to just 150 pairs to be sold in the country. And he’s definitely not pleased with getting mentioned in the netizen’s call out!



Above you’ll see the screenshot of the rant which was also posted on the page Sneaker Plant on Facebook. In the photo that came together with the “rant”, you can see that the cager is walking together with a pair of those highly-coveted Air Jordan IV Retro ‘Manila’.

But that didn’t end there. Because it was public, Ravena actually saw the post and commented on it.

Ravena commented that it was Nike (his sponsor) that gave him the pair. A good counter to the argument that there are only 150 pairs that will be available for the pair. He also added a comment about being called out with his last name.

Hot Take

I understand where the dude is coming from. As much as we all want to get our own pair, it’s Nike’s decision on how many stocks to release of their product. Clearly the man was speaking out of frustration. He also has a point, it’s not transparent when it comes to how to get the shoes especially with such a low number. And there are unconfirmed stories about “F&F” of Nike people (Friends and Family) who get special crack at limited releases.

But in the same time, I get where Ravena comes from. This was a gift from his sponsor and not something he pulled strings to get. That really is how sponsorships go.

Also, this made the whole thing more talked about, just days before that big “Jordan” store opens.

Air Jordan IV Retro ‘Manila’

This limited edition “Manila” can only be bought when you join a raffle. If you are a Nike Park member, you’ll get an email with a link to join the raffle yesterday (November 30) at around 5:00pm. The Air Jordan IV is the footwear that Michael Jordan was wearing when he made “The Shot” against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 1989 NBA playoffs, a buzzer-beating jumper that gave the Chicago Bulls a 101-100 win. The Manila pair is described by Nike as follows:

With the Manila colorway, the Air Jordan IV flexes effortlessly with every panel sporting different premium materials made from the best of the best – a nod to how Philippine basketball has also evolved to be able to compete with the best in the world

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