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Here are the Nominees for Game of the Year for The Game Awards 2020

The Game Awards 2020 is coming down the road and its time for them to hype up the games that are up winning the coveted award of “Game of the Year”.

You can vote for your favorite game for 2020 by visiting The Game Awards website which is Thegameawards.com!

These games are:

Doom Eternal

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Ghost of Tsushima


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Last of Us Part II

Personally, I would like for Ghost of Tsushima to win because they’ve done a lot of GOOD stuff on that game. I could hope that Final Fantasy VII remake could win but that win wouldn’t do much for Square Enix. We still get the next part of the game in two to three years tops.

Hades was a big surprise but Animal Crossing New Horizon not so much especially since it became an integral part of the Hong Kong Protests.

Also I’m already waiting for who they would be honoring another gaming icon.

What do you think of the Nominees for Game of the Year for The Game Awards 2020? Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more gaming news and updates!

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