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REVIEW: Crossover # 1

While capes appearing in the real world has become a common theme in comic books, Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw and the rest of the creative team bring us a story that’s rife with real world scenarios plus some interesting takes on this done-to-death story in Image Comics’ Crossover. Here’s my review for Crossover # 1!

Before we proceed with this Crossover # 1 review, SPOILER ALERT

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To get this world, readers need to understand that there was a sudden flash of light and a great big superpowered battle suddenly appeared in Denver, Colorado in 2017. And because this was the “real world”, people died horribly as a result of the actions of these “capes” and “masks”. This is where the stigma appeared, people in the present day hating the heroes especially after their second dick move of creating a huge bubble around their battleground resulting in trapping thousands insides to become collateral damage…

First off, I love this issue because its just so in-your-face even with just a few panels in particularly for the time the capes suddenly come to life in Ellipses Howell’s world. Its like that old saying “Don’t Meet Your Heroes” only in a more literal sense. Also unfortunately for them, the heroes to crossover from the books aren’t just a single team fighting a single villain. It’s smackdab in the middle of a crossover event which doubles the body count and the number of people involved.

Racism and prejudice is also tackled here and its skewed a bit to fit the narrative. People are hateful towards capes. And we see that in the way they treat geeks in this story. Geeks aren’t hunted down but they sure are victims here all because of their love and passion for comic books and the superhero genre. There’s even a religious organization that wants to get rid of comic books and the store Elle is working for on the grounds that they are selling these “unholy” things. To them, after Colorado, the devil and the enemy are the capes.

Not only does Cates and Shaw depict prejudice towards other, they also show just how far people in power and influence are willing to go to push their agenda. In this case its the pastor and his kid, Ryan Lowe and their violent involvement with the comic store’s burning.

Also, if you read the undertones, its also a segment that focuses on LGBTQ+. Just swap the comic books with something like being in the closet and you get another topic as controversial today.

They also did promise that this would be a love story. Possibly a Romeo and Juliet type of story with Elle on the pro end and Ryan on the anti spectrum. We do need to see the second issue ASAP.

References and easter eggs are so good here. We have the usual references to both Marvel and DC Comics. There’s a textual comment about Spider-Man and Thor and more importantly that ending reference to Superman. I’m on the fence whether I want to see more heroes appearing in Crossover because I feel that those appearances could get the attention for the wrong reasons instead of getting attention due to the book itself.

Geoff Shaw‘s art works well with Donny Cates’ script. Whether its gruesome death scenes to beautiful splash page of character surprises. I’m waiting to see what Cates has in store for readers. Excellent colors, inks and lettering especially when we see that comic book character inside the comic shop which introduces chaos and conflict for the status quo on both ends.

Crossover # 1 verdict: 5/5

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