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Netizens want to cancel comedian Tekla after video of domestic abuse go online

Comedian Tekla (real name Romeo Librada) is being cancelled (and I can’t believe I’m agreeing with cancel culture) because of a video of him going berserk on his wife goes viral.

So here’s the tl;dr – Tekla wants to have sex with his wife right there and then even when his wife is not feeling well. During the Tulfo interview his wife alleged that when he doesn’t get what he wants, he will storm off reportedly leaving no money for food.

Here are some of the screenshots that have emerged which was part of the “expose” that was done when his wife appeared on that Tulfo TV show to air complaints against him. Still weirded out why not the Women’s help desk first though.


And here’s the video from the Raffy Tulfo in Action on youtube.

A reminder too that sex without consent is called RAPE. Here’s to hoping that this gets resolved.

Some response from Twitter regarding Tekla’s action

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  1. October 21, 2020

    […] update for the trending topic of Super Tekla’s ongoing controversy where he was alleged to have been involved in domestic abuse and child abuse as well. Now some of his friends are defending him (yes him as he’s only playing the part of […]

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