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Boruto Chapter 51 “Sacrifice” Could Signal the Disappearance or Death of Naruto

The latest chapter for the ongoing manga Boruto, Boruto Chapter 51, looks like its tying up loose ends especially with regards to the first chapter’s mysterious tease about the fate of Uzumaki Naruto, Boruto’s dad.

Chapter 51 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is titled “Sacrifice” and features a big fight where Naruto is forced to show a new form working with his tailed beast spirit, Kurama.

The new form looks like Kurama’s tails are part of Naruto’s Hokage garb. But that’s not all.

This new form also shows that there’s significant changes to the way Naruto looks like. His eyes even looking a lot like Kurama’s.

And there’s still more as many fans seem to think that Chapter 51 will also be the start of the chapter that explains Naruto’s death or disappearance. The titular character, Boruto isn’t really clear when talking about his father’s fate so its left to the fans to argue whether its a true death or just a disappearance.

Check out this page from the first chapter of Boruto…

So there’s a lot of theories running around. One theory I like is that Naruto gets zapped into a place where time stops and gets stuck there for a long time or until the writing team needs to have him back; then he gets his glorious death much like how Boruto’s grandfather, Minato, played a large role in the great ninja war that capped off the previous title.

Also throughout the manga, Naruto has already dropped hints that hes willing to die or sacrifice himself for the greater good and more importantly for the well being of his family.

… much to the dismay of Kurama.

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