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Hasbro announces Marvel Legends Silk as the Fan Vote 2020 Winner

Hasbro provide a quick update for the Fan Vote 2020 winner which they first announced back in February 2020 and the winner for this fan vote 2020 poll is none other than Marvel Legends Silk!

The winner was announced and revealed at the Hasbro Pulse page on Facebook with the brand having this to say:

Back in February, we counted on YOU to choose the next Marvel Legends fan vote figure. Well, the results are in and the winning figure is SILK! With 57% of the vote, the Marvel Legends Silk figure will be available for purchase later this month on #HasbroPulse!
We even get to see the breakdown of the votes with Silk aka Cindy Moon getting as much as 57% of the total votes. She beats other possible characters like Lady Sif and a newly sculpted Elektra.

No word yet on when the Marvel Legends Silk would be available but it seems like they would be selling this in the Hasbro Pulse website exclusively. I also feel like the Lady Sif could have won this competition but there was already a demand for Silk when she first appeared under the Space Venom BAF wave some time ago.

Also I really hope they managed to update the face and and the head sculpt for the universe’s “back up” Spider-Man in case things didn’t pan out with Peter Parker as seen in the events of Original Sin miniseries from Marvel. Cindy and Peter went through a lot when they immediately joined the war against the Inheritors in the Spidey-event called Spider-Verse!

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