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Check Out these Power Rangers Covers Drawn by Miguel Mercado

Check out these cool Power Rangers covers drawn by Pinoy artist Miguel Mercado.

Here’s what Mercado had to say about his project doing covers for Boom Studios’ Power Rangers book.

Felt so lucky to have gotten the chance to draw my childhood heroes for the covers of Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers series by Boom Studios!

When I got word that I’ll be drawing the original five Power Rangers, I was back to being a giddy 7 year old boy in the 90s.

These are for issues 9-13. The actual cover’s art is cropped, so here are the full versions.

It’s morphin time!

If you ever get the chance to buy these, grab them ASAP. The Power Rangers books aren’t available in the country due to some regional lock bullshit.

Definitely killed the hype for Shattered Grid too. Oh well.

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