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Rocksteady Games releases first art for Suicide Squad game

Don’t look now but the Suicide Squad is coming back in video game format with a new untitled game from Rocksteady Games

I like the general vibe for this teaser image with Superman being in the cross hairs of presumably Deadshot. It’s also a nice thing to see Superman here in the Arkham-verse. Something we badly needed to see back in Arkham Knight.

No word yet on the release date but it looks like we’ll be getting more details during the upcoming DC FanDome event happened in the 22nd of August.

I did see one blog that mentioned that the title could be Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League but it looks like a hoax and a fake title. Didn’t even see a source.

I’m actually interested in seeing the main characters that’ll appear in the game but we all know that Harley Quinn and probably Deadshot will be in this.

Fingers crossed for next next week.

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  1. August 23, 2020

    […] the game). The story is set in Metropolis, which is also the reason why they are heavily promoting Superman as one of the bigger […]

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