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Top 5 Questions after watching Umbrella Academy Season 2

We know, we know, we have A LOT of questions about the new Umbrella Academy season so I’m doing my own top 5 questions after watching Umbrella Academy season 2. You could also check out my Umbrella Academy season 2 review before diving into this one.

And before we proceed, let me give you a big spoiler alert.

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  1. Where’s Lila?

One of the interesting characters that made an appearance in this Netflix series is the mysterious girl Lila Pitts who was revealed to have powers. She’s not only a love interest for Diego Hargreeves aka Number 2 but also a powered being like the other members of the academy. But she disappeared in the season finale with a Commission briefcase. So where will she end up in? Will she get back to Diego and will they restart their relationship for season 3?

2. What’s happening with Reginald Hargreeves?

umbrella academy season 2 spoilers hargreeves is alive

Reginald Hargreeves is alive

Season 2 had a lot of surprising things happen to Reginald Hargreeves aka The Monocle. For starters he’s apparently involved with the death of John F. Kennedy as he was in the “grassy knoll” around the time Kennedy was shot. When things were disrupted by the appearance of the academy, Hargreeves still did his part and confronted the “Magnificent 12” about the murder; as he was chastised by the smoking man, he also revealed his alien form. Most shockingly, he’s also alive by the end of Episode 10 and he’s also started a new superhero team called the Sparrow Academy.

3. Who are the members of the Sparrow Academy?

Sparrow academy first appearance in Umbrella academy season 2

The Sparrow Academy

The Umbrella Academy are shocked to learn that when they return to 2019, their adoptive father’s alive and is currently looking after a new squad he called the “Sparrow Academy”. But who are these guys? There’s a recent issue of Umbrella Academy where the team encounter a new powered team in red who also called themselves Umbrella Academy.

4. Will the Swede return?

At the end of the last episode, the last remaining Swede calls it quits with Five and the rest of the Academy shortly after killing The Handler. He walks away from the Karl and Sissy’s farm. We later see him joining Klaus’ Children of Destiny cult with Keechie ushering him inside the bus. It looks like this isn’t the end of the story for both the cult and the last of the Swede siblings. I feel like the story isn’t done for both parties and could appear in season 3.

5. What happens to Harlan?

We also “close” the season with Sissy and Harlan driving away from Dallas. Sissy is kind of content with her closure with Vanya after declining the latter’s offer of going to the future. As she drives away with Harlan in the backseat, we find out that Harlan has retained a bit of the White Violen’s powers. How will this affect the future that the Academy returns to? It looks like between the 1960s and the 2019, Hargreeves may have found Harlan and worked with him.

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