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Umbrella Academy Season 2 – Who is Lila Pitts (Spoilers)

So we continue today with a look at new character from Umbrella Academy 2 – Lila Pitts. The character is one of several new additions to the cast for season 2 and is played by actress Ritu Arya.

The character first appeared in episode 1 where she helps Number Two aka Diego Hargreeves escape the Holbrooke Asylum. They narrowly escape the Swedes and went on the lam since.

When Number Five started gathering his siblings, she tags along with Diego in the team’s makeshift base in the residence of Elliot.

She joins Five and Diego in doing recon on the Majestic 12 even sharing a tender moment with Diego and clashing with Five during the episode. She shows off her fighting skills when fighting the Swedes and opting to save Five instead of Diego. She is kicked from the group by Five afterwards. 

She sleeps with a distraught Diego and leaves him post-coitus to rendezvous with the Handler who is revealed to be her “mother”.After the disastrous reunion of the Hargreeves siblings, she lets Five chase him and got beat up as well all for the Handler to meet with Five and give him her offer. 

We see her also at the Commission headquarters when Handler announces the assassination of the board members and her assumption of the director position while investigation is underway implicating Five as the assassin. She is assigned as head of security during Handler’s time as head of commission. She travels to the past to make peace with Diego, drugs him unconscious and brings him to HQ where he introduces him to her mother. 

She leaves Diego in the employee onboarding and was oblivious to Number Two’s subsequent escape. Lila is later given a case file regarding her parents by Herb and goes off ticked at the Hargreeves, particularly Number Five for killing her innocent parents. 

She joins her “mother in confronting the Academy in Sissy and Harlan’s farm where they call in all the active agents to try and take down the Academy once and for all. 

When that didn’t work, she reveals her real power which looks like mimicking other superpowers and using it against her enemies as seen when she used Vanya’s same powers.

After beating the team one by one, she is cornered and convinced that she’s one of them before seeing all her “brothers” and “sisters” gunned down by the Handler. Her “mother” also confesses of her plan of having her parents killed to get her. And get killed.

Thanks to Five’s time-travel, things are reset and she is alive once more. In the commotion she takes the briefcase from the Handler and vanished. 

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