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Comic Odyssey Owner Sandy Sansolis shares last photos of Comic Odyssey BGC Branch

Comic Odyssey’s owner Sandy Sansolis shares the last few photos of the Comic Odyssey BGC branch before its gone for good.

So added context, in July, it was announced that the BGC branch of Comic Odyssey found on the top floor of Fully Booked. In a Facebook post, they stated:

Our Comic Odyssey Fort branch located on the 4th floor inside Fully Booked will be closing its doors on Sunday, August 2, as we transform parts of our business into a stronger online model. The pandemic has completely changed the face of traditional retail. Customer buying habits have drastically changed. To adapt, we have decided to close our store located inside Fully Booked Fort and focus our efforts into improving our online and delivery services, which have seen an incredible surge. Many of you have already been using our online services these past few months and we have received fantastic feedback.

Current Fort branch customers need not worry. We will continue to service your accounts through our Robinsons Galleria branch, Eastwood Mall branch, or through our shipping & delivery options. We will coordinate with you on a weekly basis as always.

From now until August 2nd, all back issues in our bins will be 50% off.

Our Comic Odyssey Fort branch was known for events and will surely be missed. Since 2012, we held the biggest and best Free Comic Book Day events with thousands in attendance every year. Along with multiple creator signing events, we’ve also celebrated comic events of all types such as Halloween Comic Fest, Batman Day, fundraisers, Christmas parties, and more. With all these fun events servicing the comic community, what we’ve enjoyed the most are the friends and connections we’ve made along the way.
Check out the album below for some of our best memories at our Fort branch through the years. Feel free to comment below and share some of your own fond memories. Thank you FULLY BOOKED for 8 wonderful years!

If you aren’t able to see us before August 2, you can always message us @comicodyssey on social media or visit www.comic-odyssey.com and www.pops.ph.

I’ll never forget the numerous Free Comic Book Day events that they held here plus the other geek related events too. Oh and don’t forget the various signing sessions with comic book artists that went down here. 


We’ll miss this branch immensely.

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