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No, There’s no project in the works for Hideo Kojima and Junji Ito (yet)

The Internet and the gaming community went ablaze with the news of potential talks between game designer Hideo Kojima and famed horror writer Junji Ito but that looks like nothing more than a wishful thinking.

But just to set expectations, it was just talk at the moment with no real plans bearing fruits yet.

According to the writer, the collaboration between him and Kojima was just a remark he made in passing and that it was more of a wish rather than an actual statement. In his Twitter account, he also apologized to fans saying he did not wish to put up false hopes over this.

Read the translated statement below:

In a past interview, I said casually that I received an offer from Mr. Kojima, but in reality, it was a remark made at a party where he said, ‘If there is an opportunity, I may ask for your help’. I apologize to Mr. Kojima and all of the fans to whom I may have given false hope

The two were supposed to do a game called Silent Hills with Guillermo Del Toro and starred Norman Reedus but that was eventually scrapped when Kojima left Konami to start his own studio called Kojima Productions with its first hit, Death Stranding.

But I’m optimistic that they would be able to pull something off soon; it may not be Silent Hills anymore but it could be something better and original.

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