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Godzilla vs Kong Funko Pop Reported Leaks confirms new powers and weapons for the kaijus

Here’s a quick visit on the Godzilla vs Kong film which was supposed to have been released soon but we don’t have that at the moment; we do have some leaks as Godzilla vs Kong Funko Pop figures.

You can check out the products that have been “leaked” after the cut…

Here’s the leaked version of the Funko Pop figures for Godzilla vs Kong.

So what do we have here and what changed for this upcoming film?

So it looks like according to the leak reveals (in a poorly redacted form) that Godzilla will be having a new “fire breathing” power while King Kong/ Kong is described as having an axe in his arsenal.

Kong using a weapon isn’t new to be honest because he’s already seen using weapons against the monsters from Kong: Skull Island, which you can check out in the embedded videos below:

This new power for Godzilla is something new and fresh apparently.

So what do you think about these new changes and additions to these two classic kaijus? Leave a comment below.

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