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Lord Drakkon is back with a new look Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 50

Boom Studios shows off a brand new look for the nefarious Lord Drakkon in Mighty Morphin Power Ranger # 50.

The evil alternate universe version of Tommy Oliver was defeated during the events of Shattered Grid and he vanished after losing to the various teams of Power Rangers who gathered to defeat him and foil his plans.

As of issue # 50 however it looks like he’s back on Earth and looks horrible.

We still don’t know where he came from but where he went definitely changed him a lot. He also looks different now with one side of his head shave and sporting a tattoo from his eyes down to the face.

He’s also wearing an all brown suit with a belt and a cloak.

The mystery of where Lord Drakkon went and what he’s doing back on Earth is what the next arc would be. Hopefully we get a redemption arc for Drakkon and he joins the team as the new Green Ranger seeing that Tommy has officially become the White Ranger.

So what do you guts think of this new development for Lord Drakkon?

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