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Horizon Zero Dawn PC Release Date

Ever since Sony and Guerilla Studios announced that they would be porting out the instant classic Playstation 4 game Horizon Zero Dawn, many gamers have already wondered what the Horizon Zero Dawn PC release date would be and now we know when its exactly going to drop.

According to both Sony and developer Guerilla Games, the Horizon Zero Dawn PC release date would be August 7, 2020 and will be available for both Epic Games and Steam.

Here’s what Steam wrote on their page to describe the game:


Earth is ours no more.

Experience Aloy’s entire legendary quest to unravel the mysteries of a world ruled by deadly Machines.

An outcast from her tribe, the young hunter fights to uncover her past, discover her destiny… and stop a catastrophic threat to the future.

Unleash devastating, tactical attacks against unique Machines and rival tribes as you explore an open wold teeming with wildlife and danger.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a multi-award-winning action role-playing game—and this Complete Edition for PC includes the huge expansion The Frozen Wilds, featuring new lands, skills, weapons, and Machines.


  • Horizon Zero Dawn

  • The Frozen Wilds expansion

  • Carja Storm Ranger Outfit and Carja Mighty Bow

  • Carja Trader Pack

  • Banuk Trailblazer Outfit and Banuk Culling Bow

  • Banuk Traveller Pack

  • Nora Keeper Pack

Check out the trailer for the game’s PC version as well:

A new trailer highlights the PC version’s new features, including ultra-wide support, unlocked frame rates, dynamic foliage, graphical customization, improved reflections, controller options, and a benchmarking tool.

Will you be getting the game when it becomes available for PC? Leave a comment and let’s discuss. And follow me on Twitter too at @thefanboyseo!

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